Why dogs chase their tails?


In January 2017 I wrote a blog titled; there’s more to tail wagging than meets the eye,  which talked about how many different things a dog can say with their tail, but how funny is it when they start to chase it. It’s a hilarious behaviour, and it’s even funnier if they catch it. But why do they do it?


There’s a few possible reasons, and all dogs are different. Some dogs simply chase their tail because they’re bored at that moment, and it seems like a fun way to fill the time – harmless.


Fascinatingly, there may be a physical component to it, too, as dogs that have high cholesterol tend to chase their tails more often. Researchers believe this is because, they have mood changes that go along with their cholesterol levels, which is why they get the urge to catch that tail.


It may also be an attention grabber. Do you scold them when they do it? Do you laugh at them? Positive or negative, they might be doing it purely for your entertainment.


If your dog does it regularly, it may be the tell-tale sign of a condition called canine CD — OCD for dogs. It you dog has OCD there is likely to be than just one sign of obsessive behaviour, such as over licking to random barking.   In most cases, it’s a harmless enough behaviour. If it does become a problem, though, it might require behaviour modification — or even drug therapy to correct, so if your concerned contact your local vet.

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