Kindness is contagious! Spread the love!- Turkish Mall Opens Doors to Stray Dogs in Severe Winter Weather

A severe winter storm in Istanbul, Turkey has blanketed the city in snow, closed streets, halted deliveries, and brought out some wonderful and very kind hearted people.



A local mall is allowing homeless stray dogs to find protection from the cold within the mall entrance. Animal lovers have provided cardboard padding, cozy blankets, and food to make the dogs’ stay more comfortable.


Penti clothing store went further opening its doors to the dogs. Penti’s store manager, Arzu Inan, saw the dogs sleeping under blankets provided by kind animal lovers on his way to work. Touched by the kindness he saw, he opened the store’s doors and welcomed dogs inside.


Arzu posted the images on his Facebook pages and hopes that sharing the images and this story will inspire others to do the same. “Don’t forget that only true love warms,” he posted along with the heartwarming images.


Kindness is contagious! Spread the love!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this story so much!! ❤


    1. furevermates says:

      Me too – inspirational


  2. Vegan_Charms says:

    I love this! Kindness is beautiful 🙂


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